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July 31, 2018

So this is a weird one, and not so much advice, but rather personal experience that may well resonate with some of you, and potentially be beneficial.



I got into table top gaming a few years back, my first game being a Kickstarter campaign I backed for a cool little space-themed game called 'Tiny Epic Galaxies'. It arrived, I was hooked, and have been building my collection ever since.


The company behind this game (and many others in my collection) are Gamelyn Games, pioneers in large scale games, packed into tiny boxes. Innovators in the table-top field, they launched ITEMeeples, tiny plastic figures accompanied by an array of even tinier weapons. This product got my creative juices flowing so much, that I began working on a project in my spare time:



Soon after I realised that Gamelyn Games might actually want to use this animation as part of their media campaign, and so sent it over to them, in what would be the start of a long and fruitful professional relationship with the company.


My latest animation for their highly anticipated 'Tiny Epic Mechs' just launched, and the response has been amazing:



Now this is a unique situation, and I wouldn't recommend doing this with the intention of driving business, however, if you're creating animations in your free time anyway, then using this time to create something awesome for a small business might actually pay off. Just be careful how much time you invest as the odds are against you.


Sometimes though, a kind gesture can go a long way. 





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