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I'm Garth.


Animator. Designer. Director. Drummer.

Lover of all things motion graphics, and good at some of them. Made in Yorkshire, but based in London, I spend my time pushing my motion graphics skills, and destroying countless drumsticks and cymbals in the time between. 

I studied a B.A. Digital Arts degree in a seaside town on the east coast of England way back in 2004. I promptly moved on to work for online retail giants as their in-house motion designer, creating all sorts of animations for a whole range of products. Ebuyer soon became a bit dry for me, and I was keen to start creating more interesting and exciting work. I began adding a bit of extra 'flare' into my animations, which led to the creation of Moonwalking Laptops and Exploding RC Helicopters.


Eventually I started up as a way of taking my skills away from product videos and begin attracting more interesting motion graphics clients.

I then moved down to London in 2011 to join the guys at Scorch London where my skillset quickly grew. After 6 amazing years working with the team there, I left in summer 2017 to pursue a full-time freelance career.


So if you have a potential motion graphics job in the pipeline and would like to discuss working with me, send me a message and I'll probably say yes.

Have a browse through my work if you've not done so already, there'll likely be at least one thing you'll enjoy.


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