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In celebration of the 'Wonder Women' of the world, I created this collaborative piece to coincide with the release of the much anticipated Wonder Woman film of 2017.

We put a lot of time into researching what we thought are some of the worlds most inspirational women of today, and set about animating them in the most heroic ways possible.


To fully realise our vision for this piece, we used 3D animated guides for the majority of the characters (below). That way we could capture our heroes from angles not possible with an ordinary 2D IK rig. This method however comes with a price, each part of the characters had to be painstakingly match-moved at an almost frame-by-frame level to sync up with the 3D guides. The result gives a 2D animation with much more depth than you'd normally expect.

Animation breakdown


I worked with a few very talented individuals on this project at Scorch Motion. Whilst I took on Yusra Mardini, Serena Williams and Caroline Paige, animator Tom Stratford created the amazing Maryam Mirzakhani section, and our in-house editor (now apparently a motion graphics pro) Craig Smith, created the Vivienne Westwood section. Our Senior Editor Dan Hankinson oversaw the direction of the piece, and also put the sound effects track together to really finish it all off. You can find out more about the creation of this project by going to my blog post.

Wonder Women

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