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George Ezra - Get Away - UK tour


Atticus Finch hired me to create the stage visuals for George Ezra's - Get Away for his 2019 UK tour. With just 6 days and a relatively open brief to create a full music video, I had to pace myself correctly to maintain a consistent quality throughout. I worked alongside the talented producers at Atticus Finch to develop the style, and reused assets where I could to save time, but without being too obvious. The animation is framed to fit 3 enormous windows that sit in front of the screen on stage. For this reason, much of the action happens in one of these thirds, or is duplicated across all three.


Several production companies were commissioned for the full set, creating vastly different visuals for each song, with Atticus Finch tackling 3 songs. The sell-out tour lasted several months, across an array of venues, and even made it to the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.

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