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BRO - Less Than Three - Music Video

On a budget of £500, I made this music video for my band BRO along side bandmate Jules. I took on all the animation, VFX and compositing, while Jules was in charge of editing and grading. Giving ourselves such a massive project for only two people meant it took over a year to complete, but the rewards came in when we were nominated for various awards, including the UK Music Video Awards, the Berlin Music Video Awards, and Radar Awards. Travelling to Berlin, performing at the BMVAs, and receiving a rather phallic trophy and hilariously enormous bottle of Jägermeister made all the time and effort we poured into this totally worth it.


Since such a large amount of work went into the 'Guitar Hero' section of the music video, I thought it only fair it got it's own video.


…and I thought the 3D version of myself trapped inside the arcade machine slamming some drums should have a little feature of it's own too.



The Dancers

Our venue was populated with these guys, the footage had to be tracked, and the 3D data solved in order for them to accurately lock into the shots. They were then digitally lit in order for them to sit in the footage more realistically.


Deleted Scene

We cut a scene featuring Kanye West and Kim Kardashian from the final music video after a slight change in the storyline. Couldn't completely get rid of it though as it's pretty funny. So here they both are, in all their erm… glory.


The Shoot

Here's a few shots from the set, and also some of the pre-production work that went into determining the lighting set-up before we arrived at the location.


The Berlin Music Video Awards

Finally, here we are receiving our award at the Berlin MVAs, 4 days of extreme weird craziness and a tonne of amazing music videos.

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